7/28/18 Review of Mind Virus on Bookends podcast by It Was a Dark and Stormy Book Club: “Very, very well done, very relevant to today’s world. The characters were very well-developed, and there was action around every corner. I highly recommend this book.”

11/19/17 Review of Mind Virus on Best Thrillers: “Readers longing for the next Dan Brown thriller should upgrade to this deftly crafted global thrill ride.”

10/19/17 Review of Mind Virus on Bite Into Books: “A great book…very respectful towards different religions and also towards people that don’t believe…makes you think, makes you wonder, and a quick read!”

7/10/17 Review of Mind Virus on Kritter’s Ramblings: “I loved the character of Robin Fox. I love his continual pursuit of the truth, but with the least violent means necessary. I would compare this book to a Dan Brown book.”

7/9/17 Review of Mind Virus on Books Are Love: “A wonderfully written, complex and multidimensional tale of intrigue, philosophy and mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat.”

7/7/17 Review of Mind Virus on Desert Rose Reviews: “The next Dan Brown? A thrilling mix of situations and twists. The writing was quick and clear, painting endless pictures of each new scene with marvelous clarity. For a debut novel, it could easily make a big name for itself in thrillers.”

7/5/17 Review of Mind Virus on J. Bronder Book Reviews: “One heck of a thrill ride with a breakneck pace. This book will suck you in and leave you breathless. This is an amazing debut and I cannot wait for the next book by Charles Kowalski. ★★★★★”

6/27/17 Kelly Hoggons of The Velvet Library shares her impressions of Mind Virus and casting suggestions. (Are you listening, Hollywood?)

6/22/17 Review of Mind Virus on The Spine View:  “A total adrenaline rush. As scary as the thought is, the events depicted could easily have been real. Kowalski has taken the current political climate and events and intertwined them with fiction to create a fabulous thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. If you love thrillers, you have to read Mind Virus. ★★★★★”

5/3/17 Review of Mind Virus in Colorado Book Review: “A thoroughly-researched, thoughtful novel regarding the nature of belief…also well-plotted, nicely paced, and packed with action. A brilliant, riveting read. ★★★★★”


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5/18/17 Interview with Mark Stevens for Rocky Mountain Writer podcast, on the inspiration for Mind Virus, military interrogation, and the subtleties of exclamation point usage.
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